Lexie gets on the trailer

I had the trailer hooked up from a project on Tuesday, so tonight was a good opportunity to practice loading with Miss Lexie.  I mad sure she was leading correctly (so that I was between her shoulder and ear and she was going the pace I dictated and paying attention) and she loaded right away. I also gave her a cookie each time she loaded.  After four cookies she was done.  Good girl.


Archie goes for a hack

Archie was just coming in for supper when I arrived at the barn, so he wasn’t as thrilled to see me as he might have been, when he realized he was only going to get a mouthful of grain and then into the cross ties. Poor thing. He got cookies.

I groomed him and noted some sulcus thrush in his LF. Five of the six horses at my barn have at least one hoof with it, which is what made me look. The wet spring was tough on them. It doesn’t seem to be a bad case and if you get on treating it soon, it shouldn’t be a problem.

After grooming and tacking I put him on the lunge where he presented the adoring crowds with several expressive bucks. I lunged him until bucking was a mere memory and got in. We rode around the indoor and he was fine. We then when out and walked down the hill. When I turned him around at the bottom of the hill he did it rather exuberantly – one might even categorize it in the bucking genre, but it was borderline. No big deal and trot back up the hill.

Then we went clockwise around the prairie. We were having some particularly joyful trot when he let out a few more bucks, but carried on. We scared up a fawn, which he merely observed; a doe which he thought was fascinating; and a beautiful owl, which we both thought was beautiful.

We had some canter work on the far side of the prairie which went fine and then walked the last side of the prairie home.

I rinsed him off and put him in the round pen to graze while I meant to read a chapter in my kindle book, but after five minutes he was like, “Hey, girl, there’s grain in my stall!” so I went and brought him in. Nice night.